[Dixielandjazz] Art Form Indie Rock?

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 19 06:02:55 PST 2005

Oh Oh, this sounds like Indie Rock is going the way of "Art Form" Dixieland.
Right down the tubes as the audiences make it "Art Form".  :-) VBG

Below article snipped for brevity. Message? "Slint" is beginning to sound
like current, "No Balls" Art Form OKOM Bands. Can audience atrophy be far

Steve Barbone


The Sound of Silence and Subtlety, With No Frills

Have indie-rock audiences grown more demanding, or less?

On Thursday night, the pioneering indie-rock band Slint transfixed fans who
shushed and shut-upped one another so they could gaze at the stage in peace,
watching the musicians unspool their meticulous postpunk epics, which rely
on precisely calibrated shifts in momentum and texture.

Slint is unafraid to underwhelm, and that was part of what made Thursday
night's dry, deliberate concert interesting. Instead of between-song banter,
there was between-song silence, which fans filled with requests for real
songs and requests for fake songs and requests for no more requests. The
set, forced listeners to listen carefully to the dullest passages, waiting
for something to evolve out of the nearly formless (and nearly tuneless)
foundation: maybe an elegantly lopsided beat from the drummer Britt Walford,
or an artfully dissonant guitar line from Dave Pajo.

And so if Thursday's concert was a bit unsatisfying - and, yes, a bit boring
- maybe that was in keeping with this noncommittal tradition. The band did
half the work, secure in the knowledge that listeners would be thrilled to
do the rest.

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