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Tom - I believe you are on the right bus - just bring the fried chicken along, and if we can get these kids to see what we already know, it should be a great picnic :-)
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    Hey! - Shatner has always been a hot request at KFJC 
    Oh Gawd, this ain't the Kentucky Fried Jazz Classic, is it?

    Bob R, I agree with Molly :-)

  I would classify Shatner as Classic  Redneck Jazz, and yes Kentucky Fried Chicken would
  be the best sponsor for his tour dates.  :))

  But what the Heck if Rod Stewart can become our newest American Song Book Crooner, look for Willie Nelsen to record and sell twenty million copies of the Rudy Valle song book, there is obviously a market for it with the current musical taste of Americans.

  Perhaps we will also see a Monster Hit of Perry Como and Andy Williams greatest hits done by Snoop Doggy Dog, and Kaye Star's greatest hits done by the artist known as .fitty cent.   If they live long enough.

  I think it's time to turn the tide folks, maybe we could get Anita O'Day and Debbie Reynolds to team up and do a Greatest Rap Hits recording and sell it to them young rappers, or maybe Andy and Mickey Rooney doin' Rap duets over Glenn Miller soundtracks.  Ya hear what I'm sayin?    How about Norah Jones does Big Mamma Thornton and Ma Rainey tributes.

  Now I heard dat man!
  Gotta be Creative these days folks if ya wanna get a Major Record Deal.


  Tom Wiggins 

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