[Dixielandjazz] The Phat Band - School Gigs & Young Fans

Custode at aol.com Custode at aol.com
Fri Mar 11 09:36:38 PST 2005

Steve Barbone wrote of his success with school gigs, the  spin-off gigs they 
provide and the positive reaction/reception from the  kids in attendance.  I 
think most would agree that once in attendance, most  people have a grand time 
listening, dancing and experiencing OKOM.  The  problem has always been, and 
continues to be, simply getting people to hear  OKOM.
Here is my question to Mr. Barbone: who pays for your band(s) to  perform in 
such venues.  In my neck of the woods (Western NY) we have no  funding 
(besides "Young Audiences" that I am aware of) that would enable a group  of 
professional musicians to perform in the schools.  How do you go  about securing 
payment for these concerts?  I am most  interested...please advise.     
Lewis D.  Custode, Jr., CLU, ChFC
_LDC  Advisory Services_ (http://www.myfinancialpro.net/custode) 

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