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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 11 07:19:38 PST 2005

on 3/11/05 2:46 AM, Henry Mason at hcmsjo at gmail.com wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 19:58:52 -0500, Steve barbone
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>> Now, I don't know about all the bands and band leaders on this list, but I
>> have already sent promo material to 41 School Districts in my area,
>> yesterday and today.
> Hi Steve,
> I hope you let the list know how you come out with this.   I know of
> one brass quintet that is making a large part of their living doing
> this sort of thing but I never considered that OKOM would play well in
> the schools.   Please report your response.
> Cheers,
> Henry

Hi Henry:

Barbone Street is already playing school gigs at Elementary level (5 to 10
years old), middle schools, high schools, and colleges. (for the past few
years) Our last school gig, 3 weeks ago, was for a Delaware School District
Performing Arts Festival. We had an audience of about 700 and played 20
minutes before the start, and then between performances of choral groups
from 7 different schools. Had the kids dancing in the aisles, just like BG
at the Paramount in the 1940s. And like the NYT article said, the kids treat
us like rock stars, cheer and scream, demand autographs, buy CDs, etc. Damn,
where were they when we were 25? Same place they are now, in stultifying
little clubs that are trying to make art for a few "cognoscenti" out of what
was exciting dance music for the masses.

One result of our last school gig is that we've just booked a Graduation
Party at a local Country Club thrown by the parents of a senior girl at one
of the High Schools. They expect 120 kids, May 22nd. The senior INSISTED her
dad book this great "swinging Dixieland band" so she and the kids "could
dance and have a great time like they did at our School Auditorium
performance." They also made a special deal on 120 CDs, all autographed by
the band, to present to the guests. They revised our cover insert to say
"Amy ________'s Graduation Party. Hartefeld C.C., May 22, 2005 featuring The
Barbone Street Jazz Band." As you might imagine, I cut the CD price to
accommodate them, and as a personal contribution to turning on 120 kids to
the joys of Dixieland.

I've been preaching this market on the DJML for years, mostly to deaf ears,
because some folks just don't want to know that this music is appreciated by
young audiences. They have thrombosis of the brain as well as the blowhole.


Steve Barbone

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