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In my area, sometimes these are subsidized on a matching funds or some
percentage basis with the Musicians Union.  Some bands make a career out of
playing green sheet gigs.  I rarely do them for two reasons.  first is that
it only pays scale which isn't much here and some leaders have the market
tied up.  After having said that which might not be fair because some
leaders pursue these gigs and I really don't.

I would suggest that you contact your local AF of M.  If you and your band
aren't members you might investigate joining.  Unfortunately in St. Louis
almost all of the better musicians in town are NOT in the union so I am
forced to have a mixed band if I want to play or book gigs.
Larry Walton
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> Steve Barbone wrote of his success with school gigs, the  spin-off gigs
> provide and the positive reaction/reception from the  kids in attendance.
> think most would agree that once in attendance, most  people have a grand
> listening, dancing and experiencing OKOM.  The  problem has always been,
> continues to be, simply getting people to hear  OKOM.
> Here is my question to Mr. Barbone: who pays for your band(s) to  perform
> such venues.  In my neck of the woods (Western NY) we have no  funding
> (besides "Young Audiences" that I am aware of) that would enable a group
> professional musicians to perform in the schools.  How do you go  about
> payment for these concerts?  I am most  interested...please advise.
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