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Yoshio Toyama is the leader of the "Saints" and has an excellent okom band 
in Tokyo.  They've been performing at the LA Classic/Sweet n Hot festival 
annually for many years.  For years, the band sounded like an exact clone of 
Louis Armstrong's All Star groups (to the point that solos were copied note 
for note - not a good thing.)  In more recent years, the band seems to be 
developing its own personality but still is extremely heavily influenced by 
the Armstrong sound.  I wasn't at all aware of Yoshio's contribution to the 
poor kids of New Orleans, but I'm not at all surprised.  In the many times 
we've met over the years, he's clearly indicated his love and respect for 
our music.  (He hosted Chet Jager at his house while Bloomers were playing 
in Japan.  Chet has some great stories.)

Perhaps it's in Mr. Toyama's mind that he may be planting seeds in N.O. for 
another Louis.   I hope he succeeds.

Dick Broadie
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>> Tom,
>> I'd have to agree with you there -- every night that I go out to hear 
>> OKOM,
>> there will be at least one or two large groups of Asian tourists who are
>> seriously into the music.  Many of them tell us that they came to New 
>> Orleans
>> specifically to hear our local bands (and I'm surprised at how many of 
>> them are
>> musicians too).
>> Sue
> Hi Sue:
> There is also a nice man in Japan named Yoshio Toyama that collects money
> there and comes to New Orleans every year and buys instruments for the 
> poor
> school kids in New Orleans.
> Anyone interested in writing him any words of encourgement can email him 
> at:
> Saints at js9.so-net.ne.jp
> He runs an organization called:
>  Wonderful World of Jazz Foundation.
> Now that is a real OKOM fan.
> Cheers,  Arigato :))   Teriyaki, sauce goes well on about anything, maybe
> even crawfish :))
> Tom Wiggins
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