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Wed Mar 2 14:25:10 PST 2005

Yes, that can be a bit annoying, but it's all part of getting popular for 
musicians, just think how many folks they passed those photos around to and how 
many times a year they take them out and look at them and remember the good 
time they had and the music and the band.  :))

By the way Larry and those around the St. Louis Area,

Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band is the Featured Artist on WCH Radio out 
of St. Louis for the month of March.  You can check them out at:

New Orleans at:  IradioLa91.7FM
Laginiappbroadcastingnetwork in New Orleans
Dave Robinson's  French Quarter show at XM70 6-9 on Fridays

Fearlessradio in Chicago

We are also being featured in Michigan on FlagAss Radio out of Frankenmuth.
www.FlagAssRadio.com   I will be doing a live on air interview with them on 
March 24 at about 8:00 p.m.

down in Austin, Texas you can catch some of our tunes on:

In Australia you can catch five of our songs on the top 20 Jazz playlist at:
 International Network   "Cool Cats Jazz hour"
Radio Cairns Fm89.1  Australia
Bay FM  Radio Australia

In the UK
Brian Healey at Music maker UK is playing us.

I am compiling a list with call letters of all the stations which I will post 

We are getting a lot of air play for OKOM in places you would never think of, 
If you send them the CDs and they are good music they will play them folks.  
And you can soon start to sell some too and get em off the garage shelf or out 
of the closet.
If we don't shamelessly promote OKOM who the Hell will???

Our list of stations playing St. Gabriel's CDs includes already:

The UK        At least three stations
Australia      About six stations so far:
New Zealand    
Texas,         Austin and El Paso
Florida         Miami Beach, Sunrise
Ohio            Zonetainment radio
Louisiana      At least three programs
Chicago        Two programs that I know of
Japan           Chiba, Kamagawa,
Germany       at least three stations.
California       Santa Cruz, Redway, Chico, Santa Monica, Sacramento, Covina, 
Los Angeles, 

And I have not included the stations or programs from my friends on the DJML 
who requested CDs for their shows, Thanks to all of you for your efforts.  I 
would appreciate it if you guys would email me with your station and or program 
information so I can include it in my dossier.

These programs have all requested us to send the CDs folks, they will play 
yours as well but you have to approach them they will never find you.  Last week 
some member of the list asked me what my day gig was?  :)) I told them it was 
booking my night and day gigs for my band and other full time working bands.

I will shortly be sending out CDs to about five hundred other stations, 
anybody on the list serious about promotion contact me off list if you would like 
to find out how to be a part of it.   This is how you generate Good Paying gigs 
folks.  Self Promotion.


Tom Wiggins

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