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Listmates -

Apparently some of you think I was being facetious in my observation that a 
composition for banjo and bagpipe may be a worthy enterprise. I may have 
been lighthearted about it but in no way do I think that such a duet would 
lack artistic merit in the hands of competent musicians.

We seem to be unable to discuss banjos and washboards and kazoos and 
bagpipes and accordians and gut bucket basses and the like without the 
snigger and general understanding that these are somehow "inferior" and/or 
"unworthy" instruments.

Go now and perform some penance for harboring such shoddy and unreasonable 
attitudes. And to have the gall to broadcast such ignorance to those about 
you should require more than simple penance . . . I would think a good 
lashing or perhaps a day spent in being exhibited in the stocks would be 
more in order for such slanderous and ill-considered blatherings.

A pox upon your houses!

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "The jug may be an exception" Gunter
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> > >I've not heard this particular combination, but I can imagine it would 
> > >wonderful, evocative sound. I'm referring to a concert featuring the
> > >bagpipes and 5-string banjo.  I'll wager grown men would weep!
> >
> >
> > Bob Ringwald adds:
> >
> > The only thing that would make this combination even better, would be to 
> >
> > an accordin.  Talk about grown men weeping!!!
> >
> > --Bob Ringwald
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> > The Boondockers (Jazz and Comedy)
> > Fulton Street Jazz Band
> >
> >
> >
>Especially if the only songs they knew were Oh Danny Boy  and Oh Sole Mio
>I am weeping hysterically just thinking about it.
>Please don't anybody record it.  :))
>Tom Ole Teary Eyed Wiggins
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