[Dixielandjazz] What is a banjo? - Grown Men Weeping

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> Bill Gunter writes:
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> >I've not heard this particular combination, but I can imagine it would be
> >wonderful, evocative sound. I'm referring to a concert featuring the 
> >bagpipes and 5-string banjo.  I'll wager grown men would weep!
> Bob Ringwald adds:
> The only thing that would make this combination even better, would be to add 
> an accordin.  Talk about grown men weeping!!!
> --Bob Ringwald
> Piano Driver
> The Boondockers (Jazz and Comedy)
> Fulton Street Jazz Band

Especially if the only songs they knew were Oh Danny Boy  and Oh Sole Mio

I am weeping hysterically just thinking about it.

Please don't anybody record it.  :))


Tom Ole Teary Eyed Wiggins

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