[Dixielandjazz] Ragtime Composers Index has disappeared

Snogpitch snogpitch at prodigy.net
Sat Mar 5 02:35:48 PST 2005

I have had the same problem with wonderful webpages disappearing, thinking
they would be there forever.  Fortunately, there is an limited archive of
the WWW, located at:  http://www.waybackmachine.org/

Just type in your url in the search box, and if it is archived, a calendar
of archive dates is presented before you.  In this case, if you look for the
Geocities webpage, I'm guessing the url used to be:
http://www.geocities.com/pfw8015/ shows a last updated page of December

You won't find downloads available on the waybackmachine, but if it is html
based information you are looking for, you will be in luck.  No idea how
long the waybackmachine will stay in business, but, if you wish to keep
valuable information you find on the web, and suddenly cannot find it
anymore, I'd recommend going to this wonderful resource and grabbing what
you can.

As a final note, you might want to look for the webpage author's contact
information and email him.  He might have moved it to another url.

On 3/5/05 2:48 AM, "Craig I. Johnson" <civanj at adelphia.net> wrote:

> There used to be a real good resource for tunes and their
> composers, and in a few cases some midi files.
> It was called the
> "Ragtime Composers Index"
> and there also was a corresponding "Ragtime Title Index"
> It was hosted on geocities.com
> I just got a reference to it in a search I did,
> but it is no longer there. The cached page  still exists for
> the letters "DEF" is in there dated Feb 2 2005 so it hasnt been
> gone long.
> DOes anyone know who owned this valuable resource?
> Did anyone ever download the whole set of pages?
> This reminds that I need to do just that if I find something useful
> as these things are always disappearing.
> Regards
> Craig Johnson


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