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And guess what, Bill? I was there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nat Gonella sat in 
with The Saints (from Manchester) for a couple of numbers, and George 
Chisholm was there too.      http://georgechisholm.tripod.com/welcome.htm

Bill Haesler wrote:

>>Queen Doesn't Recognize Famous Guitarists
>LONDON (AP) -- Queen Elizabeth II met four of Britain's most famous
>guitarists Tuesday, asking them: "And what do you do?".<
>Hey, hey, hey there Tom baby,
>You young blokes can be so arrogant about the music of your youth.
>And how dare you criticise Australia's Head of State!
>As an older person (born on 21 April 1926) she most certainly wouldn't know,
>or give a toss, about the rock music of the 1970s. Although a little younger
>than Her Majesty, I (20 April 1931) too have never heard of Brian May, Jimmy
>Page or Jeff Beck. Nor need or want to.
>OK. The name Eric Clapton rings a bell and I have heard OF Queen and Led
>Zeppelin but can confidently say that I have never knowingly HEARD them.
>But then, as most on the DJML already know, so far as 1920s-30s jazz and
>blues are concerned, I am one-eyed - and have a patch over the other. Or so
>they say here in Oz.
>When 'our' Queen was just a 25 year-old Princess she was guest of honour at
>the 14 July 1951 National Federation of Jazz Organizations' Traditional Jazz
>Concert at the newly opened Royal Festival Hall in London where, before the
>concert, she met the featured band leaders Humphrey Lyttelton, Joe Daniels,
>Mick Mulligan, Allan Radcliffe (The Saints Jazz Band), Freddy Randall, Ken
>Colyer (Crane River Jazz Band) and Australia's Graeme Bell (an old mate of
>mine). HRH stayed much longer than scheduled and at interval mixed and
>chatted with some of the musicians at a private function in the foyer. She
>even asked Graeme's brother Roger if there were any difficulties in playing
>washboard (which he featured on the concert as well as playing cornet with
>the Bell band).
>My kinda princess.
>As for the Queen asking the aging rockers: "And what do you do?".
>What a great put-down line!
>Kind regards ole mate,
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