[Dixielandjazz] QUEEN and the Queen

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Fri Mar 4 02:25:00 PST 2005

Here, here Bill!
Although I'm not as old as you (1932-07-06) I'm just as blinkered as you are with a long-lasting (58 years) passionate interest in 20's jazz, and a strong interest in 30's jazz. I have, maybe, a slight edge on you because I do actually own an Eric Clapton album ("The Story Of The White Blues") which I picked up cheap in a local supermarket. I'm also into OKOM with the revivalist bands that started in the early 40's.
Let's not forget that Duke Ellington was an admirer of the Queen and wrote the "Queen's Suite" in her honour. Only one copy of this was made while the Duke was still alive and this was sent to Her Majesty.


Bob Smith

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