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> But it will be gone soon, the air here in 
> North Michigan IS pure and clear, we have 156 clean lakes in just this 
> one country and 2,000 miles of streams and tributaries rates as class A 
> trout waters and where we are just getting ready for the annual steel 
> head run.
> So, you picks your spot, you takes your choice and if it fits, keep it.
> Don (tying steel head flies as the fireplace crackles) Ingle

Hi Don:   

You are absolutely correct about Los Angeles, I was just down there three 
weeks ago, made a run to Long Beach and was so disgusted with the traffic 
situation I deadheaded right back north to get the heck out of there.  It was however 
a beautiful day with clean air and snow on the grapevine.  I have not driven 
that many miles in one 24 hour period in more years than I can remember.  Just 
like being on tour, except on tour I don't usually have to drive, ha ha.

I have been to Detroit and it was about the same as Los Angeles as I recall, 
so was Chicago.

But shhhhsssh about that great trout fishing up there north, or you will have 
all these Californians moving there to throw beer cans in the streams and 
leave open clam shells all along the banks trying to catch Catfish.  :))

There are a lot of ex Detroiters living in California, they moved here just 
so they would not have to die on the streets of Detroit or so they said, I 
think they took that line from a Richard Pryor routine.

Lot's of Great Musicians came out of Detroit, however.  Not to mention all 
the Fords.


Tom Wiggins

IN a great spot in California near everything I could ever want to do, and 
three International Airports if I get the wanderlust feeling for the road which 
I do every year or so.  I especially like it because the climate is generally 
very temperate here year round, not too hot and not too cold.  Today it is 
murky and rainy with a bit of fog that his blocking my view of Mt. Diablo.   We 
are having a heat wave by Michigan standards however at about 55 degrees F.  
:))   Gotta get up and throw another log on the fire,  and nope, I ain't tying 
steelhead flies but I might make myself a mai-tai. :))

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