[Dixielandjazz] OKOM in California--why?

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Wed Mar 2 09:27:13 PST 2005

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> The good news here is that fads and music trends tend to start on the
> left coast (for whatever reason) and make their way east.  It would
> be very nice if this trend in California is a forecast of things to
> come.
> Lets hope so,
> Henry

Hi Henry:

We got some DEEEEEP Thinkers on the Left Coast  who usually march to the beat 
of a different DRUMMER. :))

Sometimes we think in some pretty DEEP and murky Water too. 
And all that air pollution Bill Gunter mentioned ain't necessarily Polution, 
ya know they grow a lot of Mary Jew Wanna in Mendocino, and they also have 
some forest fires up there when the DEA Agency starts trying to burnout the Pot 
fields hidden in the forest.

Funny but on those days nobody complains to the Environmental Board or the 
Clean Air Agency.  Everybody just goes about their business and smiles a lot.


Tom Wiggins

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