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Fri Jun 24 13:20:57 PDT 2005

Phooey on this crap. It doesn't belong on DJML. It's not the union's fault
that they don't teach music in California schools.
Burt Wilson

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> One can go on and on, shaming  and blaming about the budget crisis in
> California, but the fact remains  that there is a need, and anyone with
> requested items can fill it  (thereby making room in their storage
> Recycling of any useful item  is a good thing.
> Maybe Sacramento's "budget crisis" would improve if there were no live  
> musical performances in existence for them.
> I have no pity for budgetary problems of government (public) schools. You

> only have to look to the teacher's unions for the problems.
> This problem of tying in the lack of musical instruments with a so-called

> "budgetary crisis" is bunk. Musical instruments, properly taken care of,
do NOT  
> wear out . . . they don't disintegrate. And yes, I know they need minor  
> maintenance . . . but do you have any idea how many musicians there are
on this  
> list that are playing instruments more than 50 years old and play them
> regularity and have been doing so for years? California did not ALWAYS
have a  
> "budget crisis" . . . so what happened to those instruments?
> More to the point, with the exception of large instruments, i.e. bass 
> tympani, mallet percussion, tubas & pianos, it is customarily the 
> responsibility to provide the personal instruments for their kids . . . 
> the government's (read, yours & mine & your neighbor's).
> If I decided not to feed my kids breakfast . . . it now becomes the 
> or government's (read, yours & mine & your neighbor's) to  provide "free 
> breakfast"? Same with lunch. How about my unwillingness to provide 
> parenting or daycare . . . so the school or government (read, yours & 
mine & your 
> neighbor's) comes up with pre-school and 4-year-old  kindergarten?
> If the parent's can't get the idea of music and education in Sacramento,  
> then any assistance is like putting cheese down a rat hole . . . or
better put,  
> like feeding hay to a horse . . . it goes in one end hay and comes out
> other  as . . .
> Bill
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