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Tue Jun 21 08:22:41 PDT 2005

Good luck, Gary!  I hope you have the proper visas for working in the US.

Gary Kiser <gary at kiser.org> wrote:
Hi Y'all,

For those interested, Sac à Pulses' summer tour has been finalized.  Here's what we got :

July 30 -- Lafayette, LA
Robert Guercio of the 307 Jazz Club (more info) is organizing a 'French Night.'  In addition to the regular jazz community, he is doing a publicity push to the franco-tongues.  The french owned local wine shop and a french restaurant will organize a cocktail (more info) -- with cheese from Auvergne (more info) -- before the concert.  Should be lots o' fun.  We show up on the 29th around 9pm.

[Are there any tuba/sousaphone players in the area that could lend me a horn?  It would really help me out.]

July 31 -- Norman, OK
It will be great playing in the jazz capital of the ...  oh, no, ... in a sister city of Clermont-Ferrand.  We will be part of the Summer Breeze Concert Series (more info).  I see they have Brave Combo (more info) on the program (more info).  I interviewed them on KCRW back in the 80s.  The concerts are on an open stage in a city park.  They have had audiences up to 1500.

August 2 -- Phoenix, AZ
Our man in the sun Joe Hopkins and the Arizona Classic Jazz Society (more info) are putting this together.  To be honest, I don't know too much about the event.  We're all going to have a great time if there are 5 or 500.  We fly in mid-afternoon on the 1st.  I have a UCLA buddy living their who is the best BBQ man on the planet.  Hey, I'm no slouch myself, but this guy can make a BBQ dance (to be anounced).  Anyway, details to follow (about the concert, not the BBQ).

August 4-7 -- Orange County Classic Jazz Festival (more info)
Need I say more.  We close the Thursday night four-band kick-off bash.  Either, they are saving the best for last or they don't think that many will stick around that late.  Then, we got our normal sets (more info) over the weekend.  Of note are our 'Special Events' sets.  First, we do a 'two bands on one stage' set with Paris Washboard (more info) on Fri. Aug. 5 at 15h45.  Eight French musicians and not one trumpet/cornet.  Then, we do our 'Sidney Bechet : the Composer' set (more info) on Sat. Aug. 6 at 13h15.  Here, we play from a long list of Bechet's compositions highlighting changes of style and structure throughout his career.

I hope you all come down and see us.  Write me if you need more info.

All the best, Gary

Gary Kiserwww.sacapulses.comwww.mojobrassband.comwww.massifjazz.com

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