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Bonnie Otto bonnie at hopdog.com
Tue Jun 21 08:01:10 PDT 2005

This post will definitely bring me out of "lurk mode"

I had the opportunity to work with Lance and Stephanie in April at  
the revived Victoria Festival. What a blast that was! I got to know  
Steph over the weekend and she is just a doll to work with. She has a  
very unique voice and incredible control. Lance's group is  
outstanding and I felt very fortunate to be working with them. The  
Carol Channing / Liberace act is one of the funniest bits I've ever  
seen. I was not made privy to what was going to happen so when it can  
about, I laughed so hard I couldn't play. I hope to work with them  

A Lance original " Bedtime for Bix" is a "must hear". Truly beautiful.

Though it's not OKOM, do try to take a listen to Stephanie's work. In  
the bevy of vocalists that is out there, she truly stands out. You  
don't hear a voice like this very often. And, what a pro!
On Jun 20, 2005, at 10:57 PM, dixielandjazz-request at ml.islandnet.com  

> While list mates were enjoying OKOM at the recent Sacramento Jazz Fest
> Lance Buller and Stephanie Porter of "Lance Buller and the Monarchs"
> fame were performing in Victoria BC at Hermann's Jazz Club with the  
> Tom
> Vickery Trio. Lance freely admits that his heroes are the 3 Louie's  
> and
> anyone who has seen his act knows that they do a lot of tunes from  
> Louis
> Armstrong, Louis Prima and Louis Jordan. They were working under a
> different format here and had more vocals than usual which made it a
> really entertaining night.
> They did their novelty number where Stephanie sings in the style of
> Carol Channing and Lance as Liberace. You had to be there!
> My main point in writing is that Stephanie Porter has a relatively new
> solo CD, Mood Swings which is recorded with a different group. I think
> it is a great CD and showcases her warm wonderful voice and style near
> perfectly.
> If you want to give yourself a treat check out the above web site and
> listen to the sound bites on every tune and then let the list know   
> what
> you think. Yeah or nay. C'mon lurkers your opinion counts as much  
> as any
> of the regulars.
> I have no interest of any kind in this CD other than the fact that I
> think it is really good and without the backing of "big money" I think
> word of mouth is very important to its success.
> Len Nielsen

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