[Dixielandjazz] Tuba in Lafayette

Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Tue Jun 21 08:00:28 PDT 2005

Hi Y'all,

For those interested, Sac à Pulses' summer tour has been finalized.  
Here's what we got :

July 30 -- Lafayette, LA
Robert Guercio of the 307 Jazz Club (more info 
<http://www.theind.com/news3.asp?CID=-1948283406>) is organizing a 
'French Night.'  In addition to the regular jazz community, he is doing 
a publicity push to the franco-tongues.  The french owned local wine 
shop and a french restaurant will organize a cocktail (more info 
<http://entertaining.about.com/cs/horsdoeuvres/a/cocktailparty.htm>) -- 
with cheese from Auvergne (more info 
<http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/souptonuts/cheese_france.html>) -- 
before the concert.  Should be lots o' fun.  We show up on the 29th 
around 9pm.

[Are there any tuba/sousaphone players in the area that could lend me a 
horn?  It would really help me out.]

July 31 -- Norman, OK
It will be great playing in the jazz capital of the ...  oh, no, ... in 
a sister city of Clermont-Ferrand.  We will be part of the Summer Breeze 
Concert Series (more info 
I see they have Brave Combo (more info <http://www.brave.com/>) on the 
program (more info 
<http://www.okcoutdoornetwork.org/summer_breeze.htm>).  I interviewed 
them on KCRW back in the 80s.  The concerts are on an open stage in a 
city park.  They have had audiences up to 1500.

August 2 -- Phoenix, AZ
Our man in the sun Joe Hopkins and the Arizona Classic Jazz Society 
(more info <http://www.azclassicjazz.org>) are putting this together.  
To be honest, I don't know too much about the event.  We're all going to 
have a great time if there are 5 or 500.  We fly in mid-afternoon on the 
1st.  I have a UCLA buddy living their who is the best BBQ man on the 
planet.  Hey, I'm no slouch myself, but this guy can make a BBQ dance 
(to be anounced 
<http://www.pmhouseofdance.com/goldcoastdanceclub.htm>).  Anyway, 
details to follow (about the concert, not the BBQ).

August 4-7 -- Orange County Classic Jazz Festival (more info 
Need I say more.  We close the Thursday night four-band kick-off bash.  
Either, they are saving the best for last or they don't think that many 
will stick around that late.  Then, we got our normal sets (more info 
<http://www.oc-classicjazz.org/schedule.html>) over the weekend.  Of 
note are our 'Special Events' sets.  First, we do a 'two bands on one 
stage' set with Paris Washboard (more info 
<http://www.oc-classicjazz.org/specialevents.html#twobands1>) on Fri. 
Aug. 5 at 15h45.  Eight French musicians and not one trumpet/cornet.  
Then, we do our 'Sidney Bechet : the Composer' set (more info 
<http://www.oc-classicjazz.org/specialevents.html#tribute2bechet>) on 
Sat. Aug. 6 at 13h15.  Here, we play from a long list of Bechet's 
compositions highlighting changes of style and structure throughout his 

I hope you all come down and see us.  Write me if you need more info 
<mailto:more.info at sacapulses.com>.

All the best, Gary

Gary Kiser

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