[Dixielandjazz] Guy Lombardo, a hip 1930s band. - was The Chicken Song

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Dear Steve,
Well said, me too for Lombardo. Some sources--
Yestermusic (Google it). 3 CD set @ $17.95 (and many other similar sets in 
Reader's Digest 6-33 LP records, boxed set with sleeve liner notes for each 
of the 72 recordings (same with many RD sets).
"Guy" by Saul Richman, pictorial biography with chapters--Lombardo at Jones 
Beach (28 pp.), A Champion on the Water (18 pp.) and Louiis Armstrong
(1 1/2 pp.). Cheers.
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> chaz_2053 at comcast.net (the senile senior in Illinois) wrote
>> Thank each of you for giving me the clues as to where to find this song.
>> To
>> one special person, who sent me a copy, I especially thank you.  Although
>> not
>> in vogue for a long time, Lombardo and his group, along with Paul
>> Whitemen and
>> others cut quite a groove for themselves in the mid-portion of the last
>> century.  I love their music, because of the talent of their regulars,
>> who you
>> could understand what they were saying in song.
>> It is still difficult for me to visualize Guy Lombardo competing in speed
>> boat
>> races.  Gee, that makes my mind boggle.
> It is well to remember Guy Lombardo's band of that era. Louis Armstrong
> was
> very much enamoured of that band's sound and arrangements. In fact, If one
> listens to Louis fronting of "his" big bands during the 1930's, the
> Lombardo
> influence is readily apparent.
> Guy Lombardo, and Louis Prima. Two jazzy Italians who decided to make lots
> of money in the music business also.
> I once saw Lombardo racing that boat off Jones Beach (Long Island). He was
> a
> gutsy guy.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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