[Dixielandjazz] The Anonymous Satchmo

Pam Munter pam at pammunter.com
Tue Jun 14 15:15:41 PDT 2005

If anyone will appreciate the awe-inspirating deterioration of our 
American musical culture, it should be DJML readers.  Here's the 
story:  I have a two-year-old beagl, named Satchmo.  It should come 
as no surprise to you that I am a cornet/trumpet player.  Satch is 
not an ordinary dog (not that there's anything wrong with that); he's 
a show dog, so he gets to meet a number of people from all over.

Six out of ten people will respond, "Oh, Satch-a-mo.  What a cute 
name.  What made you decide to call him Satch-a-mo?"  Two more will 
stand there, without responding and looking blank.  One will say, 
"Satchmo.  Now remind me again.  Who was that?"  And, ladies and 
gentlemen, only one out of ten average citizens (if dog people are 
average) will say, "Oh, Louis Armstrong."

I think that's sad.  But it does help me in my mission to spread 
OKOM.  Ignorance deserves a mini-lecture, I'd say, and they get one, 
like it or not.


-Pam Munter
Keeper of the Flame

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