[Dixielandjazz] The Anonymous Satchmo

Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Tue Jun 14 16:30:00 PDT 2005

Hi Pam

I take it that you are a "young" woman. The wonder is, probably, that 
you know who Satchmo is. Good on you!!

You have certainly found a unique way to get your message across. Maybe 
you could teach Satchmo to sing Hello Dolly while you play the trumpet. :)


Len Nielsen

Pam Munter wrote:
> If anyone will appreciate the awe-inspirating deterioration of our 
> American musical culture, it should be DJML readers.  Here's the story:  
> I have a two-year-old beagl, named Satchmo.  It should come as no 
> surprise to you that I am a cornet/trumpet player.  Satch is not an 
> ordinary dog (not that there's anything wrong with that); he's a show 
> dog, so he gets to meet a number of people from all over.
> Six out of ten people will respond, "Oh, Satch-a-mo.  What a cute name.  
> What made you decide to call him Satch-a-mo?"  Two more will stand 
> there, without responding and looking blank.  One will say, "Satchmo.  
> Now remind me again.  Who was that?"  And, ladies and gentlemen, only 
> one out of ten average citizens (if dog people are average) will say, 
> "Oh, Louis Armstrong."
> I think that's sad.  But it does help me in my mission to spread OKOM.  
> Ignorance deserves a mini-lecture, I'd say, and they get one, like it or 
> not.
> FYI.
> -Pam Munter
> Keeper of the Flame
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