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>>  Interesting thread about recorded solos as opposed to live solos.
> Yes it is.  Let's settle this matter right here: we all knew 
> immediately that recorded solos suck right after Bunny Berigan 
> recorded "I Can't Get Started."
> This was around the same time that Clarence Hutchinrider recorded 
> his solo on "Smoke Rings."  Artie Shaw recorded "Stardust." And who 
> was that awful tenor player who recorded "Body and Soul" back in the 
> forties?  These people just elbowed up to the bar of music and 
> shoved aside all those other guys who didn't get recorded.  And we 
> know how great those other guys were because...well, because people 
> say so who remember...or think they do.
> Unfortunately all those marvelous players are now hearsay: their 
> testimony comes now through third party folks because, guess what: 
> they didn't get recorded!  We all know zillions of solos over the 
> years that should have been recorded!  Some of our own that we 
> played, somehow, on some inspired night, and could never repeat: 
> man, if I only had that one on tape...
> But no one will ever hear it because, guess what: no recording.
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