[Dixielandjazz] Out from lurking, but why??

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I don't agree with the point I think you were trying to make. So, here are
three questions for you.

As a musician, do you find as much satisfaction striving to play a great
(personal opinion) solo as some of those other clowns you mentioned like
Bunny, Artie, Coleman and others whose solos were recorded?

If so, is that the real reason you continue to play?

I wonder if Armstrong was ever disappointed that his other recorded "West
End Blues" intros did not come up to the quality of first recording of "West
End Blues" (and that was the 3rd take of the day)?

Stan Brager
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>>  Interesting thread about recorded solos as opposed to live solos.
> Yes it is.  Let's settle this matter right here: we all knew
> immediately that recorded solos suck right after Bunny Berigan
> recorded "I Can't Get Started."
> This was around the same time that Clarence Hutchinrider recorded
> his solo on "Smoke Rings."  Artie Shaw recorded "Stardust." And who
> was that awful tenor player who recorded "Body and Soul" back in the
> forties?  These people just elbowed up to the bar of music and
> shoved aside all those other guys who didn't get recorded.  And we
> know how great those other guys were because...well, because people
> say so who remember...or think they do.
> Unfortunately all those marvelous players are now hearsay: their
> testimony comes now through third party folks because, guess what:
> they didn't get recorded!  We all know zillions of solos over the
> years that should have been recorded!  Some of our own that we
> played, somehow, on some inspired night, and could never repeat:
> man, if I only had that one on tape...
> But no one will ever hear it because, guess what: no recording.
> Charlie Hooks
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