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> Dear Paul,
> Your thoughts about the ukulele bring to mind the popularity of Hawaiin 
> music beyond the islands, starting about 1915. Sigmund Spaeth in "A 
> History of Popular Music in America" wrote that this "assumed the 
> proportions of an organized publicity campaign...nearly every songwriter 
> tried his hand at something Hawaiin" before listing a half-page of 
> compositions, "Song of the
> Islands", played by Louis, and Ben Pollack's theme, among them. As for 
> dixieland, Phil Harris and his Dixieland Five visited the islands in 
> 1923--perhaps some of our discographical wizards know more about that. A
> book entitled "The Ukulele. A Portuguese Gift to Hawaii" was published in 
> 1980, and "Hula Blues" with a chapter, "Jazz Rears Its Head", in 1948. How 
> about the "string bands" such as the "Six and Seven Eighths", whose 
> member, Edmond "Doc" Souchon, the New Orleans gynecologist, was a mainsaty 
> of jazz in the Crescent City.And what about the "tiples'"of the "Spirits 
> of Rhythm"? A book about "Hawaiin Jazz" is waiting for an author. Cheers
> Fred
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>> I have wondered if a ukulele wouldn't sound nice in a small Dixie
>> band of say, four pieces.  Clarinet, ukulele, stand up bass and drums.
> Might be an interesting sound, but calling this Dixie is a bit of a
> stretch.  But then, I didn't really think of Palm Springs Yacht Club as
> a Dixie band either. IMO, it takes more than playing tunes like Clarinet
> Marmalade and Tiger Rag to be a Dixie band.
> -- Paul Edgerton
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