[Dixielandjazz] Re: Keeping uke in tune for a set

Bob Loomis miltloomis at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 20:17:41 PDT 2005

Gus Bloch wrote:
"Yes, there is nothing worse than an out of tune 
uke, but keeping a uke in tune for a whole gig is
no great challenge. Buy a quality uke, one that
is strait and solid. Use quality strings, (I like
Aquila though I'm going to try the Worth 
Fluorocarbon). Inexpensive peg tuners are
problematic and can loosen or be stiff. Replace 
with quality pegs or get a uke set up with decent

geared tuners. Stretch and break in nylon strings
properly. They will stretch out for many days, so
be patient. Use an electronic tuner. "

  Truer words were never e-mailed! I put a new
set of Ko'o Lau Golds on my Applause tenor
ukulele and couldn't get it to stay in tune for
days. Finally I gave up and put it on consignment
at a local music store. It didn't sell for a
couple of months and I finally thought I'd
retrieve it and try selling it on the Web. When I
got it home, I tuned it, and played it and
thought hey, this sounds darned good, but I know
it won't stay in tune. Surprise: It did and does.
It just needed some time for those strings to
settle in. The only mystery now is exactly how
much time ... ? <GGG> Hope it wasn't all two or
three months it sat in the shop!

Happy Webtrails, Bob L.

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