[Dixielandjazz] The State Of Bourbon Street

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Fri Jun 10 17:33:14 PDT 2005

>> Don Ingle wrote:
>    > We are contemplating a return on our 50th to N.O. >just to see
>>if any of it stands as we knew it then. But things change
>>and I suppose
>>The Crescent City has as well. We'll see.

Pat Cooke responded:
> Yes, it has changed some.  Still some good dixie bands, but a lot of 
> competition from clubs that feature Cajun music, zydeco, rock, and a lot 
> of unidentifiable sounds coming from every open door on Bourbon street, 
> with PAs all set at maximum decibels.  Still some good music at Palm 
> Court, Fritzels, Turtle's on Decatur, Maison Bourbon, and Storyville.  The 
> personnel varies from one night to the next, so you take your chances.

I was there about 2 months ago.  Bourbon Street is unbelieveable!  A real 
sewer.  You walk down the middle of the street & the terrible noise 
(so-called music) is blaring out of every business.  It is so loud that you 
cannot even talk to your friend walking next to you.  And it smells like 
hundreds of people puked on the street.

Unfortunately there is very little good Jazz on Bourbon Street.  But, as Pat 
says,  "There is some really good Jazz in New Orleans," but you gotta know 
where to go.

One night at Fritzels I saw some really fine Jazz with Banu, David 
Bodinghouse & Connie Jones.

The next night when I went back, it was awful.  There must have been 15 
musicians playing.  The piano was miked so loud that you could not stay in 
the place.  In fact, you could not stay within 30 feet of the outside.  Very 

I saw a great concert at the Palm Court with 'Bob Havens, Duke Heiker (SP), 
hal Smith, & others.

The current band working under the name of the Dukes Of Dixieland, put on a 
good show on the Natchus.

We really enjoyed the city overall & will be going back soon.  But, it is 
sure a shame what has been done to the (so-called) birth place of Jazz.

--Bob Ringwald


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