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Your post made me laugh.  After playing many park concerts the sound guys
that work for the county parks really try but usually don't make it and
haven't a clue.
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> Bob Ringwald wrote:
> I sometimes think that there is an organization of amateur sound persons
> get together at conventions & figure out how they can best screw up a
> musician's performance.
> Made me laugh, Bob.  Naturally, we've had those kind.  How 'bout the ones
> that insist on raising the fader of each soloist, inspite of the fact you
> give strict instructions that once the balance is made, they shouldn't
> anything!
> I was once on the stage for a large tv show with a show band, and a bit of
> the show featured Gerry Mulligan's group (while we sat reverently
> Gerry backed away from his mike at one point on purpose.  UP went the
> volume!  He backed away more, and again, the engineer raised the fader!
> After various efforts at backing away, Gerry finally turned his back to
> mike (& audience) to get the desired effect he was hoping for!!!
> Anyway, funny you should give your long list of things sound guys/gals
> to do, when we had the perfect sound man last night.  We played a dinner
> one of those huge halls where they do exhibitions for conventions.  2,000
> people were seated.  Now, a jazz band for dinner music can be a disaster
> such a huge hall, if (a) the band has little sense, and (b) the engineer
> less sense!
> Well, we know how to do our part, and this guy was 100%!
> Sound check:  normally the band is told to arrive and then the sound truck
> shows up...meaning about a 2 hr wait.  Nope, this was all set up & tested
> (yes, each mike actually worked!).  A monitor for each of us?  Yes!  Band
> squeezed into our normal jazz club area, although the stage was huge?
> Bang, bash, clink, clink.  Ok, drums.  Tinkle, tinkle, ok piano.  Dong,
> dong, dong.  Ok, bass.  "You like your monitor mix?"  Yes!  Voice, bone,
> trumpet mics tried out, and mix fine in the monitors.  Ok!  "Play me a
> tune", says the mixer.  We did.  Done!  Less than 30 minutes.
> That was at 1pm.  Came back at 10pm for the dinner (dinner is late in
> Spain!).  Had time for a quick snack and a beer ourselves, got the money
> the gig (important part!),and began playing at 10:45.  Finished at 12:15.
> large part of the diners had their seats swivelled around to see the band
> better by the end of the meal.  Why?  The band is decent & the sound was
> decent.  It's a double act!  Anything different can be a disaster.
> Nothing whatsoever had changed in the monitor mix from our sound check up
> the concert, which is unusual.  Never can understand why things change by
> turning off the equipment & turning it back on, but it usually does!
> one thing you forgot to put in your list, Bob!  Sound for the diners?
> Dunno, but can only gather it was as good as the wonderful, clear sound we
> had.  They were using those huge, flying stacks of speakers.  Didn't see
> anyone putting their napkins in their ears, which is a good sign!   :>
> (Oh, and we were projected on two monstrous screens on each side of the
> band.  I could see one of the screens & they got a great shot of the
> trumpeter's Real Madrid (football team) ring while showing his flying
> fingers!  Very tasty video work!)
> We all decided that if we were big time, we would have doubled this sound
> guy's usual pay to get him to travel with us!
> Next Saturday's gig is a private garden birthday party. Sound guy is me,
> I'll bash anyone in the band that complains!    :>
> Nice to be able to report something nice from time to time!
> Jim
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