[Dixielandjazz] Trumpets and Cornets

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Thu Jun 9 12:15:33 PDT 2005

Hello John,

As Craig says, the cornet is conical from the bell to the first moving part, as are all the other cornet-like instruments, e.g. tenor horn, euphonium, tuba.
The trumpet, however, is based on a parabola (again from the bell back to the first moving part). If you draw a parabola, and then rotate it about the X-axis you will trace out the shape of a trumpet, and all trumpet-like instruments e.g. trombone, french horn, sousaphone.
Both the normal trumpet and the normal cornet are concert Bb instruments, although both are made in other keys.
In appearance, the trumpet is much longer than the cornet with sharper bends.


Bob Smith

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