[Dixielandjazz] Historic soprano sax lives iin my house.

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Thu Jun 9 08:27:07 PDT 2005

I have been off for a full week and one of the sometimes frequent 
posters of the past. In fact I was off for several days before der 
gruppenlistmeister suggested we frequentators all lay out and let the 
lurkers have their say. 
So for most seem to have been saying "SOPRANO SAX" a lot - but so have 
the some of the regulars who have not heeded mein herr Ringwald's guideline.
But I have to put my two cents worth - Canadian coins that is, therefore 
having less value -- and relate this tale of soprano sax history.
When mon pere Red Ingle was playng with the Ted weems band in the 
1930's, they played the Palmer House in Chicago several long stays each 
Peter Palmer III was a young man who decided to take up saxophone. He 
went out to buy a sax and bought a curved Conn B flat soprano sax.
His theory was that since it was smaller than the other saxes, it ought 
to be easier to learn to play. On finding  that his theory did not pan 
out, he gave the sax to my father. If you listen closely to Spike 
Jones'  "Leave the Dishes in the Sink, MA," you will hear this curved 
wonder from Elkhart in full hokey bloom as dad let it rip.
I have this same sax -- had it worked on and re-padded with the idea 
that I might learn  to play it as a hedge against when the remaining 
teeth in my mouth went to join the others already in Tooth Fairy Heaven 
and the cornet chops left with them.
Alas, my theory was as off as that of the scion of the Palmer House. 
Bear in mind that I begin in music on clarinet, but left it for cornet 
when the realization was made clear that I basically had no iota of 
talent for clarinet besides annoying the neighbors.
Now,  I somtimes gaze upon that historic instrument and recall dad's 
remarks concerning it. "I play the clarinet, bass clarinet, alto, tenor 
and baritone saxophone.
But that soprano is truly the instrument of the devil. When you hear 
one, son, run for the sakeof your immortal soul."
Thereis  my return to posting  remarks. Now I will go and heed der 
gruppenlistmeister's edict to "go and post no more" - at least until the 
Devil makes me do it
some future time!
Don Ingle

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