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The Selmer clarinets have an adjustable thumb rest so you could probably
have a repair shop put one on.  They also sell a rubber piece that fits over
the thumb rest but a piece of 1/2" plastic tubing would most likely fit too.
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> Hey Steve,
> My clarinetist occasionally suffers from the same awkward thumb placement,
> thus creating a callus and cramp in his hand after many hours of playing.
> He is considering moving that little thumb knuckle to make it more
> comfortable with his way of holding the instrument.  If I see any other
> suggestions out there, I'll pass them on to him.  (How about a thumb sock?
> Could start a trend.)
> Tom B.
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> >Hey Bob:
> >
> >Read in my West Chester Daily Local today that your daughter Molly is
> >considering a sequel to "Sixteen Candles". Said she liked the script and
> >just may do it. Good for her. I know she has been busy raising a young
> >child
> >and out of the movies for a while, but I assure you/her this is one
> >I
> >would go see. I loved that movie and her performance in it.
> >
> >
> >Hey Henry:
> >
> >Aw shucks. Break a leg with your Dixieland Band.
> >
> >
> >Hey Tom:
> >
> >Right on, no need to raise up the clarinet. The reason many of us do it
> >because of "show business" concerns and/or because working clarinetists
> >develop a painful callus on the edge of the thumb knuckle. Thus, holding
> >down normally can hurt like hell. By tilting back the head and holding it
> >horizontally, it takes the pain away as the padded area of the thumb
> >supports the horn rather than the knuckle.
> >
> >I regularly clip my callus. Does anyone out there have a better solution?
> >
> >Right on about using a mike. Nothing wrong with it when the need arises.
> >frequently gig in outdoor large area/large audience venues. Even Kenny
> >Davern would use a mike in that situation where the audience is 5000+ and
> >some of it over 200 yards away.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Steve Barbone
> >
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