[Dixielandjazz] Miscellaneous Ramblings (Ringwald, Mason, Belmessieri et al.)

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Tue Jun 7 11:04:57 PDT 2005

Hey Steve,

My clarinetist occasionally suffers from the same awkward thumb placement, 
thus creating a callus and cramp in his hand after many hours of playing.  
He is considering moving that little thumb knuckle to make it more 
comfortable with his way of holding the instrument.  If I see any other good 
suggestions out there, I'll pass them on to him.  (How about a thumb sock?  
Could start a trend.)

Tom B.

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>Hey Bob:
>Read in my West Chester Daily Local today that your daughter Molly is
>considering a sequel to "Sixteen Candles". Said she liked the script and
>just may do it. Good for her. I know she has been busy raising a young 
>and out of the movies for a while, but I assure you/her this is one sequel 
>would go see. I loved that movie and her performance in it.
>Hey Henry:
>Aw shucks. Break a leg with your Dixieland Band.
>Hey Tom:
>Right on, no need to raise up the clarinet. The reason many of us do it is
>because of "show business" concerns and/or because working clarinetists
>develop a painful callus on the edge of the thumb knuckle. Thus, holding it
>down normally can hurt like hell. By tilting back the head and holding it
>horizontally, it takes the pain away as the padded area of the thumb
>supports the horn rather than the knuckle.
>I regularly clip my callus. Does anyone out there have a better solution?
>Right on about using a mike. Nothing wrong with it when the need arises. We
>frequently gig in outdoor large area/large audience venues. Even Kenny
>Davern would use a mike in that situation where the audience is 5000+ and
>some of it over 200 yards away.
>Steve Barbone
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