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I personally dislike hotel festivals - they seem sanitized to me.  And
we are just another "convention" to them.  It's much more satisfying to
play in venues that actually like us and our music.

Also, liquor sales are an important part of the Sacramento Jubilee's
revenue, and as far as I know, hotels keep all bar income for
themselves.  And the drinks are expensive and not delivered very
friendlily.  Oh, and there's no musician discount ;-).

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   I'd hoped to make it to at least the Sunday
portion of the fest but couldn't, as it turned
out. One thing that looked kind of off-putting
about the jubilee is the scattered venues ...
Seems to me it would make sense to try to
headquarter it in one venue, especially since the
Old Town aspect seems to be fading.
   Wintergrass, the annual February bluegrass
festival, (which usually also has some
Django-style jazz) has about 6 venues in one
hotel, the Tacoma Sheraton, and the bands move
from one to another throughout the fest, so that
you get more than one chance/venue to see them.
There's a large main auditorium, a smalelr
ballroom, a couple of bars and even the hotel
lobby for performances. The fest also has a
wonderful venue at a 108-year-old church about
four blocks from the hotel. The hotel offers
discounts to festival attendees.
   Would be nice, IMHO, if the jazz fest could do
something similar, but maybe with an outdoors
venue or two near the hotel. Easier said than
done, I know, but I bet some Sacto. hotel would
welcome the occupancy that such an arrangement
would bring. Wintergrass's fest is so popular
that you have to sign up for a room lottery to
get a room at the hotel. Other nearby motels and
hotels reap the overflow.

Happy Webtrails, Bob Loomis

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