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Wed Jun 1 09:38:07 PDT 2005

Hi folks:

Here is a bit of info about a valuable resource that should help most of you 
bands, it is very, very reasonable at only $19.95 which is less than it would 
cost you to have even one of the contracts drawn up for you.

These are standardized for use by small independent acts, I often pull from 
them and adapt them to the situations in which I am negotiating, saves me hours 
of time and lots of money.

A basic knowledge of the industry helps but these items can educate you very 
quickly about many areas that most of you might have no knowledge.


Tom Wiggins


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Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

Agency Booking Agreement
Agreement of Limited Partnership
Agreement of Obligation to Pay
Artist Recording Contract
Artist Tech Rider
Artist-Master Producer Contract
Artist-Producer Contract
Artist-Record Company Contract
Assignment of Copyright
Booking Contract
Broad Rights Contract
Broadcast Release
Commercial Music Contract
Composer's Contract
Concert Performers Contract
Copublishing Contract
Copyright Assignment - Publisher to 
Copyright Assignment - Publisher to 
Copyright License
Copyright License and Contract
Distribution Contract
Employment Contract
Exclusive Agent-Musician Contract
Exclusive Songwriter Contract
Film Synchronization Contract
General Partnership Contract
Independent Contractor Contract
Joint Venture Contract
Master Track License
Master Use Recording License
Merchandising Licensing Contract
Parental Consent Form
Partnership [Contract
Payment Obligation Contract
Performance Contract
Personal Management Contract
Photographer Contract
Production - Distributiion-Promotion Contract
Publisher-Record Company Contract
Publisher-Royalty Sharing Contract
Record Company-Producer Contract
Recorded Video Performance Contract
Royalty Payment Schedule
Single Song Option Contract
Vocalist Contract 

You should always consult with a lawyer if 
you want professional guidance to insure 
that your interpretation of these contracts 
fully meet the needs of your situation. 
These contracts are a framework for your 
own contract and are provided without 
warranty, expressed or implied, as to their 
legal effect and completeness.

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