Re: [Dixielandjazz] Wolfy’s sued by ASCAP

Wed Jan 26 22:13:56 PST 2005

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> “Wolfy’s [is] right here in Nashville and a lot of our writers perform 
> there. And they do some showcases,” Candilora said. “So we  tried to work 
> with 
> them and tried to explain to them that this is a very high-profile writer 
> community. But when they continue to say, ‘Hey, sue  me,’ what are you 
> going to do?
This pretty much sums up just what I wrote to ASCAP, even they know about it 
and don't give a damn, they just want to keep extorting money from anybody 
they can threaten to sue to get it.

If any of you have been to Nashville you obviously know that the live music 
business is abysmal there and almost non existent.  Music City USA has no music 
outside of the Grand Ole Opry, Even The Great Country Artists from Nashville 
moved to Bransom Mo. years ago.

ASAP and BMI have simply sucked the blood out of the industry for live music 
venues and will continue to kill all the new ones if we don't start a major 
movement to stop them.


Tom Wiggins

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