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> I  choose to BOYCOTTSweat Shop beads which I always have but NOW I have a 
> reason!   By the way OVER 93% (and growing ) of ALL footwear sold in the USA 
> is 
> made in CHINA . Sweat Shops? I hope not. Uh oh ,The DXML police are knocking 
> on 
> my door. I confess! ! confess!   al singer
> _______________________________________________

I have a new business of selling Mardi Gras Beads at appropriate prices you 
can obtain my catalog by request, each string of Beads will be guaranteed to 
have been assembled in the USA and will wholesale for $35.00 a string.

I am sorry but this might exclude the throwing of them freely as expected to 
ladies willing to show you their bare breast for such a string, however it 
should improve the quality of the breasts being flashed as it will bring out the 
most expensive ones of the crowd no matter where the ladies had them 
manufactured.  :))

Mardi Gras parties should start to see a better show of breasts for sure to 
collect the higher priced beads.

Send those checks, cash and money orders today to guarantee delivery of these 
ultimate high quality Mardi Gras Beads in time for Mardi Gras 2005.

P.S. folks, Everything sold in America is made in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, 
and other countries with even more dismal social and economic conditions.

By the way I used to wear Us Made Keds basketball sneakers that I bought for 
$2.00 a pair, they now sell for $40.00 a pair and up and are made in China.

We used to have sweat shops in New York's Garment District, and San 
Francisco's China Town, but they have fallen upon political disfavor and have been 
moved to China and Mexico.   Tis the American Way.

Coming Soon American Authentic Dixieland Music made in China but Cheap.


Tom Wiggins  

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