[Dixielandjazz] Swiss Cris and more on J S Bach

Ric Giorgi ricgiorgi at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 25 08:46:02 PST 2005

Norman, I hope your face is red and you're laughing your head off! I am!
(simple minds and all that I quess). Are there really 14,000 blue roofs

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> >Geo. Thurmond wrote:
> >        I've got a copy of his Swiss Cris diet somewhere.  Nobody, but
> nobody, could promote a laxative as well as he could.  Makes you want to
> run
> out and buy and try some!
> FYI-- a couple of years ago I went to the health food store here in
> Pensacola and saw that Louis' favorite laxative is still for sale.  Was
> tempted, but praise the Lord, I resisted taking some in memory of the
> great
> trumpeter!
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> More on JS Bach-- this is not original with me.( Even if it were, I'd be
> ashamed to take credit)
> The story goes that the reason ol' JS had so many children was that he
> took
> a break from composing and came home each day for lunch.
> The missus decided to put a stop to it and began to pack his meal each
> morning.
> Hence, that's the origin of the Bach's Lunch!
> Norman Vickers, Pensacola
> City of 14,000 Blue Roofs
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