[Dixielandjazz] Elementary School Jazz Presentation

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Tue Jan 25 08:38:41 PST 2005

Hello Thomas

You could adapt the tune "Mama Don't Allow ......" by substituting teachers' names for "Mama" and typical kids' stuff for the things Mama don't allow, then getting the kids to repeat each verse.
I was thinking along the lines:
"(Teacher) don't allow no snowballs thrown in here....
"(Teacher) don't allow no pop songs sung in here ....
"(Teacher) don't allow no paper darts thrown in here ...

How about "Livery Stable Blues" with a full farmyard of animal impersonations?

Also Jelly Roll Morton's Hyena Stomp with full vocal effects ought to go down well, and maybe "Sidewalk Blues" with all the shouting at the start.

Take a couple of extra washboards, and let the kids join in on a number or two.

Best of luck!

Bob Smith

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