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"Guide tones" are the 3rd and 7th of a dominant 7th chord.  Since they give
the chord its harmonic character and serve, also, as "propellers" - they
want to resolve inward to the 1 and 3 of the next chord on the circle of
5ths - they are said to "guide" the harmony through the circle.

Some teachers have students play the "guide tones" on, say, a blues
progression to get the feel for playing the changes accurately and clearly.

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In answer to the theory question below. -  I have never heard of a "guide"
tone either. Maybe the reference is to a "leading" tone. The dominant 7th of
a V chord is a leading tone, leading the ear, in effect, to resolve back to
the root.
Ex. II, V, I, progression. In key of C the chords would be D (or variation)
G7 and resolve to C. In this case F is the dominant 7th note of the G7 chord
leading back to C. In a simple progression of IV, V, I, the progreesion
would be (in key of C) C, C7, F, G7, and back to C. In this case the C7 has
Bb as the dominant 7th. When you hear the Bb, it is the leading tone to the
subdominant chord or Lydian. 

For what it's worth,
Dave in Dallas

This may exhibit my ignorance of music but that's a term I have never 
There are "passing tones" and "passing chords" but I have no 
idea what a
"guide tone" is.  It sounds something like how I remember a tune.  I
remember the first note of the tune and the first note of the bridge and
everything else falls into place and I think of them as sign posts or guides
but that's my own personal thing and not in the books.

What's the example?
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