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>  "Guide tones" are the 3rd and 7th of a dominant 7th chord.  Since they give
>  the chord its harmonic character and serve, also, as "propellers" - they
>  want to resolve inward to the 1 and 3 of the next chord on the circle of
>  5ths - they are said to "guide" the harmony through the circle.
>  Some teachers have students play the "guide tones" on, say, a blues
>  progression to get the feel for playing the changes accurately and clearly.
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It's always been easier for me, and made much more sense to my brain, to think of it as a "circle of fourths". The guide tones, to me, resolve UP to the next chord (a fourth up) rather than DOWN to the next chord (a fifth down). So, the circle of fifths is really backwards. To my brain. 


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