[Dixielandjazz] Re: Lindy Hop

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jan 13 01:09:07 PST 2005

Dear Anton and other participants,
I decided to stay out of this thread, as everything that needed to be said
was being said - and confirmed - as I know it.
However, I can't resist a general comment.
When ever the subject of dance and jazz/swing comes up for discussion I
always refer to the definitive book 'Jazz Dance. The Story of American
Vernacular Dance' by Marshall and Jean Stearns (1968, Schirmer
Books/Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc.).
Pages 323-327, in a chapter on The Savoy Ballroom, cover the Lindy Hop in
great detail, with some very interesting stories regarding the dance masters
and the black swing bands.
Well worth seeking out.
Kind regards,

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