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> Then again I also have a closet half filled with Charlie Barnet master 
> tapes.  Anyone know a good jazz museum with interest in such stuff?
> Dick

Hi Dick released material or non released?

In my opinion what seems to be the most wrong with OKOM is that everyone 
thinks we are all Dead or should be in museums, when in fact we should be out in 
the world shoving this stuff down the throats of the kids and younger 
generations, before it, and ALL of Us are relegated to museums where mostly nobody 
goes.  This country has more museums and warehouses full of stuff of all kinds 
already that the taxpayers keep paying to keep stored in some musty warehouse 
until some YOUNG Whippersnapper comes along with a Brilliant idea to bring it out 
again and expose it to the world.

If an artists was all that good then why should we seek to bury them and 
their memory in a museum, Heck everyone knows a painting Artist is not famous and 
almost nobody will by their art till they die.

Have we learned nothing about marketing music in all these years?

Remember all those late night TV ads touting all the Never before Released 
versions of the Hits of yesteryear, and the Time Life collections, Readers 
Digest Collections, Columbia Records collections etc.

This music will never die, and it is up to us that are here and now to keep 
it moving into the every younger marketplace of folks who have never heard it.

A good recording of good music is not dead until every possible person on 
earth has heard it and had a chance to buy it.  Louis is still selling recordings 
right????   More than likely more than he ever did when he was with us.   
Neither is your live performing career over if there are still folks out there 
who have not seen or heard you, much less of You.

Life is a constant Marketing Campaign, either to sell yourself or have 
someone sell you something.

Now tell me everything you know about Barnet, and let me see if I can figure 
out a way to get him discovered before you unload that closet full of master 
tapes on a museum to put them into a dust collecting vault to rot away and have 
more tape drop out.  :))

Remember I am one of the Younger ones on the list who got into the OKOM game 
late, but I intend to be here for a while, better take advantage of me while I 
am still young enough to have the energy and interest in the preservations 
and further marketing of the music.

I am sitting on a basement full of master recording too, waiting for the 
proper opportunity to put them back to use, but their turn will come long after 
the next OKOM revival happens.

The same goes for any of the rest of the list sitting on master tapes of 
reasonable quality.


Tom Wiggins

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