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Here's the lyrcis for you:

V1. Bill Johnson said one day;  To his Eliza May;  We've been to every place in town
    If you suggest to me;    Some other novelty;  We both will go and do the thing
                                                   up brown.
    His sweetie said "My dear;  There is a place I hear;  I get it straight from
                                                           dose who brings the
    It's Honky Tonky Town;  Down where the gals are brown;  There's where music

C. Come on honey let's go down;  To Honky Tonky Town;  It's under-neath the ground;
   Where all the fun is found.
   There'll be singing waiters;  Singing syncopators;  Dancing to piano played by 
                                                          Mister Brown.
   He plays piano queer;  He only plays by ear;  You want to stay a year;  The
   music that you hear, Would even start a monkey dancing with a donkey.
   Down in Honky Tonky Town.

V2. That hula hula dance;  Don't even stand a chance;  You ought to see those 
                                                          little dusky queens.
    They do the "Bom-Ba Shay";  They do it in a way;  You really think you're back
                                                          in New Orleans.
    It's got to be a fad;  With ev'ry gal and lad;  To go to Honky Tonky town
                                                          at night.
    Each girlie gets to go;  And when she spies her beau;  She yells all her might.

To Chorus.

Hope this helps.  Enjoy!!!

Rich Skrika

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