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> Tom almost got it right.
> "Heavens to Mergatroyd!" was 'coined' by the Hanna Barbera TV cartoon cat
> 'Snagglepus' whose other famous catchphrase was "Exit stage left!".
> Kind regards,
> Bill (who is not just a jazz 'know-it-all').
> Now that give me an idea for a new Band:

Since the Black Dogs are no longer performing.

I will henceforth take over from whence they left the game:

Auditions are now open for new players for the next Great Dixieland Band.

"The White Cats"  ( Pussies for the Politically Correctly minded friends at 
the NAACP)
We are an equal opportunity employer, we desperately employ you to join this 

Clarinet must be known as  "Pink Panther"   uniformed accordingly  solo on 
same tune.
Trumpet will be known as    " Garfield" 
Trombone must be              "Calico"
Drummer will be known as    "Black Cat"   Must be a Black musician, if he/she 
is the Only Black musician  who passes the audition.
Tuba Player will be               "Puss in Boots"
Cornet player will be             "Sylvester"
Banjo Player will be              "Stray Cat"
Sax player will be                 "Hep Cat"
Chick Singer will be              "Thunder Pussy"  will double as stripper.
Back up chick singer             "Cat in the Hat"
Piano player                          "Snagglepuss"   must be toothless or 
willing to have them all removed.

> Subs will be:                         " Bad Cat" Fast Cat, Slick Cat,
Manger will be                       "Fat Cat"
Roadie will be                         "Litter Box Cat"
Publicity agent will be             "Cat Nip"
Booking Agent will be              "Cat Nap"
Investor will be                        "Top Cat"

Respectfully sumbitted:

Tom Cat Wiggins

Now you guys come up with the repertoire to fit the show artistically.

and any appropriate additions to the above welcome:  :))

Have fun with it.

Musical content:

I taught I taw a Puddy Cat,   :))   Bb

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