[Dixielandjazz] Uncle Yoke's Black Dog Jazz Band

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G`day Len and list mates!!!
And if you liked what they "played" you had to "BARK  LIKE  DOGS" . We , the
New Melbourne Jazz Band were there for their first show . and wihin half an
hour every where you went all the people were "barking like dogs!!!
It was the best Jazz Party ever (well I think so)
Have a good one, regards to all,
Ross Anderson.

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> Bill, you really opened the flood gates with this one. If you want any
> further technical info I could scan the liner notes that came with the
> original cassettes and send them to you off list. Just let me know.
> This group was an instant success on the festival circuit. They debuted
> here at the Victoria BC Canada festival in April 1990 and as Steve Yocum
> announced they were overwhelmed at the absolute acceptance they received
> from the Victoria crowd. When we saw them again in May of that year at
> Sacramento they were an instant "hit" there as well. They came back to
> Victoria in 1991 but were without Bob Leary and Jim Buchmann cl. had
> been replaced by David Poe.
> This was such a great band both for music and entertainment, (they were
> that eras "bad boys") that when the news of there disbanding came it
> made you wonder who could replace them. But, along came the Titan Hot
> Seven. :)
> Some very important trivia:
> The "Dogs" name was PHIDEAUX.
> Davy Jones was the Hot Dog
> Dave Gannett was the Big Dog
> David Poe was the Show Dog (referring to his steady gig in Reno or Vegas?)
> Later members,
> Pat Gulotta was the Hound Dog and
> Bobby Durham was the Bull Dog
> The gospel tune "Raise Your Eyes Up" has a choir on the recording that
> did not travel with group. This choir was named "Norman's Block and
> Tackle Choir" featuring the "Doggetts" with Sop's Judy McKay and Connie
> Shea and Alto Sarah Moore. The arrangement was by the Right Rev. T. Hook
> who I assume performs in the same tents as our own Tom Wiggins.:)
> Their production company was Phidophile Productions.
> As an aside, I still have and wear their 1990 T shirt. It has a mangy
> looking dog posed beside a fire hydrant with it's back leg suitable
> lifted. But, in this case it is the fire hydrant squirting the dog, in
> the eyes.
> All that you need to know.
> Len Nielsen
> Bill Haesler wrote:
> > Friends,
> > A dear mate in Melbourne, Oz, has (very naughtily) sent me two copy CDs
> > 'Uncle Yoke's Black Dog Jazz Band'.
> > But no details.
> > An entertaining and very good band, which I can imagine having some very
> > devoted festival fans.
> > I gather that Uncle Yoke is trombonist Steve Yocum.
> > There is also an excellent drummer and a fine tuba player.
> > A Google search revealed practically nothing.
> > CD 1 starts with Jelly Roll Morton's "Fussy Mabel".
> > The other opens with Jelly's "Georgia Swing".
> > Both have 12 tracks.
> > Help!
> > Personnel, dates, full tune list (I have worked out most of them), where
> > were the CDs 'pinched' from, history of the band.
> > Kind regards,
> > Bill.
> >
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