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Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Sat Jan 8 12:26:25 PST 2005

Bill, you really opened the flood gates with this one. If you want any 
further technical info I could scan the liner notes that came with the 
original cassettes and send them to you off list. Just let me know.

This group was an instant success on the festival circuit. They debuted 
here at the Victoria BC Canada festival in April 1990 and as Steve Yocum 
announced they were overwhelmed at the absolute acceptance they received 
from the Victoria crowd. When we saw them again in May of that year at 
Sacramento they were an instant "hit" there as well. They came back to 
Victoria in 1991 but were without Bob Leary and Jim Buchmann cl. had 
been replaced by David Poe.

This was such a great band both for music and entertainment, (they were 
that eras "bad boys") that when the news of there disbanding came it 
made you wonder who could replace them. But, along came the Titan Hot 
Seven. :)

Some very important trivia:

The "Dogs" name was PHIDEAUX.

Davy Jones was the Hot Dog

Dave Gannett was the Big Dog

David Poe was the Show Dog (referring to his steady gig in Reno or Vegas?)

Later members,
Pat Gulotta was the Hound Dog and

Bobby Durham was the Bull Dog

The gospel tune "Raise Your Eyes Up" has a choir on the recording that 
did not travel with group. This choir was named "Norman's Block and 
Tackle Choir" featuring the "Doggetts" with Sop's Judy McKay and Connie 
Shea and Alto Sarah Moore. The arrangement was by the Right Rev. T. Hook 
who I assume performs in the same tents as our own Tom Wiggins.:)

Their production company was Phidophile Productions.

As an aside, I still have and wear their 1990 T shirt. It has a mangy 
looking dog posed beside a fire hydrant with it's back leg suitable 
lifted. But, in this case it is the fire hydrant squirting the dog, in 
the eyes.

All that you need to know.

Len Nielsen

Bill Haesler wrote:
> Friends,
> A dear mate in Melbourne, Oz, has (very naughtily) sent me two copy CDs by
> 'Uncle Yoke's Black Dog Jazz Band'.
> But no details.
> An entertaining and very good band, which I can imagine having some very
> devoted festival fans.
> I gather that Uncle Yoke is trombonist Steve Yocum.
> There is also an excellent drummer and a fine tuba player.
> A Google search revealed practically nothing.
> CD 1 starts with Jelly Roll Morton's "Fussy Mabel".
> The other opens with Jelly's "Georgia Swing".
> Both have 12 tracks.
> Help!
> Personnel, dates, full tune list (I have worked out most of them), where
> were the CDs 'pinched' from, history of the band.
> Kind regards,
> Bill. 
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