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Sat Jan 8 06:37:43 PST 2005

Band Leaders on the List:

Here's how one band tours. Some of you know leader Mike Vax. This is a "Stan
Kenton" tribute band. For fans, groupies, etc., note that you can by a bus
seat and join the tour for $199 a day including hotel room.

Used to be they gave those seats away to pretty young girls. :-) VBG.
(Things you don't hear on the band bus . . . "Ladies, may I see proof of

Touring Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma? Wow, there's money in the boonies, as
well as Kenton interest. And yet Dixieland Bands can't find work??? :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

Hello all:
I send a shorter message about the tour last month, but here is the
"official" notification. I need to start planning for cost to the schools,
which means that I have to  know where the sponsorship levels are.  Also, I
need to start planning for how  many people would like to ride the bus with
us. Hope to hear from interested parties soon....................
Mike Vax

March 28 ­ April 10, 2005
AREA COVERED: Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana
PERFORMANCES: Clinics, Concerts, Night Clubs, Dances, etcŠ.
STAFF ON TOUR:18 Musicians, road manager, business manager, recording
engineer, bus driver (22 total)

MUSIC PERFROMED:Many Kenton favorites, jazz and big band standards, Broadway
and show tunes and original compositions by band members and staff writers.

BOOKING INFO:Fee for band $7500 for a clinic and concert. (With sponsorships
in place, this fee will go down $1500 - $2500 for each
school we visit.) Most of our dates will be in high schools and colleges.
We will not only do an evening clinic, but a free afternoon workshop for
students from the general vicinity of the school we perform at.

SPONSORSHIPS: We are looking for individual, business and corporate sponsors
to help support this tour. As sponsorship funds come in, we will be able to
lower the actual cost to the schools that book the band.  There will be a
tour  booklet produced and all our sponsors will be listed in this
publication. All sponsorships are paid to our nonprofit and are fully tax

FAN TRAVEL: As with past tours, fans will be able to purchase a seat on the
bus and travel with the band for this tour.  The cost is $199 per day and
includes hotel accommodations, tickets to all the concerts and bus travel.
You may come for one day or the whole tour.  Whatever suits your time and
budget needs.  Space is limited, so please get your requests in early.

(from previous tours and performances)
SAXES: Kim Richmond, Bill Trujillo, Roy Reynolds, Mary Fettig, Steve
Wilkerson, Richard Torres, Pete Galio, Bob Keller, Bruce Johnstone, and
Joel Kaye.
TROMBONES: Roy Wiegand, Conrad Herwig, John Allred, George Roberts, Dale
DeVoe, Curtis Fox, Mike Suter, and Kenny Shroyer.
TRUMPETS: Mike Vax, Dennis Noday, John Harner, Steve Campos, Steve
Huffsteter, Jim Oats, Roger Ingram and Dave Detweiler.
PIANO: Liz Sessler- Beckman, Don Haas, Dave Barduhn, Bob Florence
BASS: Jim Widner, Jay Hungerford, Anthony Brock, Don Bagley
GUITAR: Jack Peterson
DRUMS: Gary Hobbs, Jerry McKenzie, Chuck Tull
LATIN PERCUSSION: Pete Escovedo, John Akal
If you have any interest in sponsorships or traveling with the band, please
contact Mike Vax at your earliest convenience!
** 925-427-6666 or 925-872-1942 **

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