[Dixielandjazz] Put the toilet seat down

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 7 13:07:58 PST 2005

Tom Wiggins wrote:

> Oh no Pat you also forgot to mention that thing women have for insisting that
> we menfolk always put the toilet seat down after doing a standee,  I noticed
> in touring Italy many times that the Italian Lads always do so.

Of course Italians put the seat down. We were trained to do so by our
fathers at an early age. Mine drummed the following into me.

"Put the seat down out of respect for your mother."

On a more serious note, I too have been listening to Bob Craven CDs. A way
of remembering this wonderful man and player.

Especially "A Little of This & A Little of That" which contains "Just a
Closer Walk With Thee" and "Summit Ridge Jazz Band Live" which contains "The
Song Is Ended".

Steve Barbone  

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