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Conjugal living is a shared effort.  I lift the lid, she puts it down, that
way the work is shared 50/50 but women are very poor at math and she just
doesn't seem to get it no matter how many times I explain the elegant
simplicity of it.
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> Tom Wiggins wrote:
> > Oh no Pat you also forgot to mention that thing women have for insisting
> > we menfolk always put the toilet seat down after doing a standee,  I
> > in touring Italy many times that the Italian Lads always do so.
> Of course Italians put the seat down. We were trained to do so by our
> fathers at an early age. Mine drummed the following into me.
> "Put the seat down out of respect for your mother."
> On a more serious note, I too have been listening to Bob Craven CDs. A way
> of remembering this wonderful man and player.
> Especially "A Little of This & A Little of That" which contains "Just a
> Closer Walk With Thee" and "Summit Ridge Jazz Band Live" which contains
> Song Is Ended".
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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