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> Just shows how reasonable men are compared to the other half of the human 
> race.
> Wendy, put down that rolling pin, of course I didn`t mean you ............
> Cheers
> Pat 
Oh no Pat you also forgot to mention that thing women have for insisting that 
we menfolk always put the toilet seat down after doing a standee,  I noticed 
in touring Italy many times that the Italian Lads always do so,  in the co-ed 
or jointly shared toilets anyway in public places, however they tend to use 
the no hands approach to their relief business, and no person in their correct 
mind would care to sit on most Italian toilets that I have seen anyway.

Seems women can't make up their minds whether or not they want the seat up or 
down, but they sure as hell like to give us Hell no matter which way we leave 
it. :))
Cheers, and yes I have managed to duck a few rolling pins too.

Tom Wiggins

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