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Fri Jan 7 11:43:47 PST 2005

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> There are three kinds of people on this list: 
> Those who can do math, and those who can't.
> -- Paul Edgerton, still thinking about Bob Craven.
Me too Paul:

And after listening to two of the wonderful CDs he sent me several times 
since getting the terrible news, it is hard to imagine we will not get more good 
music from this excellent player and all around nice guy.  It is hard to accept 
the unexpected loss of a friend and even more difficult when it is one you 
have not even had the chance to meet face to face.

We had been planning some good things for this year, I hope his sidemen can 
find a way to keep the group together and continue the fine music they 
collectively were playing under Bob's leadership.

Off to hit the replay button again.  So Long Bob you will be missed by many 
folks whose live you enriched with your music.

Tom Wiggins

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